About Hike Digital

Hike Digital was founded in 2016 by Dave Walker. Dave’s philosophy for Hike Digital came from his experience as a digital strategist, web designer and developer, and digital communications specialist for a nonprofit organization.

Although the agency is relatively young, Dave has over two decades of experience in web design and development, and digital communications. Dave has seen the evolution of the Web and the Internet, and keeps up-to-date on the latest trends in technology and communication tactics. Dave, however, is not a trend-chaser, but evaluates the latest technologies against the needs of the project and can recommend the best method to solve a problem efficiently and effectively for the client.

Hike Digital is not in the business of reinventing wheels. We use the most mature and well-supported technologies to meet your business goals. This helps to keep your cost of maintenance and upgrading as low as possible because we are not using bespoke code that has not been proven or stress-tested in the real world. By using proven off-the-shelf solutions, Hike Digital builds reliable, high quality solutions at lower cost. This translates to lower development and maintenance costs for you, allowing you to focus valuable resources on fulfilling your mission rather than maintaining your website. This is summed up in the first pillar of Hike Digital’s philosophy: Fund your mission, not your website.

Hike Digital knows non-profit agencies often have limited resources – both financial and human – to invest into communications projects, but agencies need great communications solutions to further their message and work. Hike Digital will work with you and find the best, most professional solution for your budget.

Hike Digital is committed to using local resources and talent wherever possible. We think that a strong community starts with strong people, and we hire local. Hike Digital does not outsource to save costs; we are committed to developing and nurturing talent at home.

Hike Digital is especially committed to helping people reestablish themselves in the workforce after taking time off and recovering from mental illness. We work with agencies to hire people who need a hand getting back into their careers and About Hike Digital accommodate their needs to ensure they can successfully complete their recovery. Our goal is to help people rebuild their resume and references so that they can continue their careers. Our procedures ensure that our people can concentrate on their recovery while not affecting the quality of their work or your deadlines. Your support of Hike Digital helps us hire people recovering from mental illness and help reintegrate them into the workforce.

Hike Digital is in the process of incorporating as a non-profit company. All profits will go to First Point Mental Health, a sister agency that trains youth leaders in Mental Health First Aid.

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